About Webloyalty

Webloyalty partners with a variety of businesses in Ireland to help them to become more profitable

Our story

Webloyalty was established in the UK in 2007 and has since expanded into France, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Australia and Belgium. We started operating in Ireland in 2012. To support our market expansion, we centralised our customer service operations at the start of 2012 and opened a European service centre in Switzerland. Our Ireland client-facing team is currently located in the UK.

What we do

Webloyalty partners with over 200 businesses globally. These range from large multichannel or pure-play retailers, to international travel and entertainment brands, to domestic businesses with transactional websites. We help them build stronger relationships with their customers, and drive additional revenue through post-transactional marketing. Read more about our programmes here.

Industry partnerships

We’re members of the Interactive Direct Marketing Association (iDMA). We also work with leading research agencies and analysts, including TNS and Conlumino. These relationships help us remain at the forefront of market news and developments

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